• Zone of Designers

    Zone of Designers

    Share the knowledge to grow. www.zode.com.br

  • Gyaneshwari Biradar

    Gyaneshwari Biradar

    Multi-passionate Entrepreneur. Believe in continuous learning and sharing!!

  • WebdesignerDepot


    Webdesigner Depot is one of the most popular blogs about web design trends, tutorials and much more. It's run by Walter Apai, a web designer from Vancouver.

  • Tom Marechal

    Tom Marechal

    CEO and founder of Emitter.io real-time communication service (pubsub)

  • Richard Boyd

    Richard Boyd

    Richard Boyd is a computer gaming technology entrepreneur and recovering aerospace company executive who is now the co-founder and CEO of Tanjo.ai

  • Ann Green

    Ann Green

    Content Manager at ClickHelp. In my blog, I write about technical writing.

  • amey kshirsagar

    amey kshirsagar


  • Julia Smith

    Julia Smith

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